hellos and goodbyes

Welcome, Mrs. Rebecca Beauregard

Regents Academy has been blessed with excellent math instruction for many years now. Mrs. Melissa Rotramel has served Regents families for two years with excellence, teaching Algebra, Geometry, and Biology during her time on the faculty. We will miss her devotion to her students and her creativity in the classroom as she moves on to new ventures.

But, as always, God provides the right teachers at the right time.

Regents Academy is glad to welcome Mrs. Rebecca Beauregard to its faculty for the 2020-21 school year. Mrs. Beauregard will teach Prealgebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry to Logic and Rhetoric School students. While Mrs. Beauregard spent the last several years at home with her children, for a number of years she taught middle and high school math in Arizona. Now, working alongside her husband Matthew, who teaches Calculus at Regents, Mrs. Beauregard will bring her skill and talent to the Regents classroom. Matthew and Rebecca are the parents of four children, two of whom are students at Regents Academy.

Welcome, Mrs. Beauregard!

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Welcome Aboard, Mrs. Mary Austin

We are very happy to welcome Mrs. Mary Austin as our school’s sixth grade teacher for 2018-19. While she is certainly no stranger to our school family, we have known Mrs. Austin as a Regents mom for several years. Now we will have the pleasure of getting to know her as our sixth grade teacher. Mary and her husband Bobby are the parents of three children: Emma, Lucy, and Reed.

Welcome aboard, Mrs. Austin!

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Congratulations, Mr. Roy Bradley

Our school has been blessed to have Mr. Roy Bradley in our Logic/Rhetoric School classroom for 8 years now teaching such diverse courses as Omnibus, Logic, Algebra, Geometry, Apologetics, and Rhetoric (he’s quite the Renaissance man!).

We are very happy to announce that beginning in 2018-19 Mr. Bradley will have a new title and responsibility — Logic/Rhetoric School Principal. As principal, Mr. Bradley will oversee the academic program and culture of the School of Logic and Rhetoric, and serve teachers and parents by insuring that the school’s mission and vision is fulfilled in grades 7-12.

We are excited that Mr. Bradley will be able to put his gifts and leadership to work in this important and much-needed role.

Congratulations, Mr. Bradley, and we are thankful for you!


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Welcome Aboard, Ms. DeKerlegand

We are very happy to welcome Ms. Kendall DeKerlegand to the Regents faculty in 2018-19. Ms. DeKerlegand will team-teach the second grade with returning second grade teacher Mrs. Lisa Porter until the second semester, when she will take primary responsibility for the class. Mrs. Porter plans to move toward retirement once Ms. DeKerlegand takes leadership of the class.

Ms. DeKerlegand is a 2014 graduate of Regents Academy. She plans to graduate from SFA in December with a B.A. in Education. Until then, we plan for her to spend as much time as possible in the Regents classroom getting necessary experience and preparing for her future full-time role.

Welcome aboard, Ms. DeKerlegand!

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Welcome Aboard, Mr. Ben Alexander

We are very happy to welcome Mr. Ben Alexander to our school’s faculty in 2018-19. Mr. Alexander, along with his wife Jana and five children, come to us from California, where he served as headmaster of King’s Classical Academy. Mr. Alexander will serve as Omnibus teacher and as Dean of Students. One of his primary responsibilities will be to oversee our new House System, which we are excited to kick off this fall. Three of Mr. Alexander’s children will attend Regents beginning this fall: Elijah, Abigail, and Hannah.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Alexander!

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Welcome Aboard, Mrs. Melissa Rotramel

We are very happy to introduce Mrs. Melissa Rotramel as our new Logic/Rhetoric School math teacher for 2018-19. No stranger to our school, Mrs. Rotramel spent the last year as a Regents mom, but now she takes her place in the math classroom as our Prealgebra, Algebra, and Geometry teacher. Originally from the Texas Panhandle, Melissa is the wife of Blaine and the mom of Sydney and Shelby.

Welcome aboard, Mrs. Rotramel!

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Welcome, Mrs. Rebecca Shatwell

We are very happy to welcome Mrs. Rebecca Shatwell to the 2017-18 Regents Academy faculty. Mrs. Shatwell comes to Regents with many years’ experience teaching mathematics and will be teaching Prealgebra and Algebra 1. Welcome, Mrs. Shatwell!

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Welcome, Mrs. Melissa Ketchen

Regents Academy is very happy to welcome Mrs. Melissa Ketchen as its new first grade teacher for the 2017-18 school year.

Originally from New Zealand, Mrs. Ketchen taught for a number of years in Christian schools, but her most recent educational experience was homeschooling her four children, Abel, Natalie, Susanna, and Hayley (who will all be enrolling at Regents this fall). Mrs. Ketchen and her husband Nathan recently moved to Nacogdoches from Colorado and are looking forward to making many new friends at Regents.

Welcome, Mrs. Ketchen!

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Welcome, Mrs. Andreza Owens

Regents Academy is very happy to welcome Mrs. Andreza Owens to its faculty for the 2016-17 school year. Mrs. Owens will be teaching Spanish in the Regents high school. Pictured below is Andreza with her husband Bryan and their daughter Bethel.

Welcome, Mrs. Owens!


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Welcome, Mrs. Tanya Kelly

Regents Academy is very happy to welcome Mrs. Tanya Kelly to its faculty for the 2016-17 school year. Mrs. Kelly will be teaching a number of subjects in the 6th grade classroom, including history, language arts, and science. Mrs. Kelly is certainly no stranger to Regents or to classical Christian education. She and her husband Todd, proud parents of their son, Holden, have been Regents parents for a number of years, and Mrs. Kelly has been a faithful volunteer. We are excited that she is bringing her passion and experience to the classroom.

Welcome, Mrs. Kelly!


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