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Welcome Aboard, Mrs. Mary Austin

We are very happy to welcome Mrs. Mary Austin as our school’s sixth grade teacher for 2018-19. While she is certainly no stranger to our school family, we have known Mrs. Austin as a Regents mom for several years. Now we will have the pleasure of getting to know her as our sixth grade teacher. Mary and her husband Bobby are the parents of three children: Emma, Lucy, and Reed.

Welcome aboard, Mrs. Austin!

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Congratulations, Mr. Roy Bradley

Our school has been blessed to have Mr. Roy Bradley in our Logic/Rhetoric School classroom for 8 years now teaching such diverse courses as Omnibus, Logic, Algebra, Geometry, Apologetics, and Rhetoric (he’s quite the Renaissance man!).

We are very happy to announce that beginning in 2018-19 Mr. Bradley will have a new title and responsibility — Logic/Rhetoric School Principal. As principal, Mr. Bradley will oversee the academic program and culture of the School of Logic and Rhetoric, and serve teachers and parents by insuring that the school’s mission and vision is fulfilled in grades 7-12.

We are excited that Mr. Bradley will be able to put his gifts and leadership to work in this important and much-needed role.

Congratulations, Mr. Bradley, and we are thankful for you!


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Welcome Aboard, Ms. DeKerlegand

We are very happy to welcome Ms. Kendall DeKerlegand to the Regents faculty in 2018-19. Ms. DeKerlegand will team-teach the second grade with returning second grade teacher Mrs. Lisa Porter until the second semester, when she will take primary responsibility for the class. Mrs. Porter plans to move toward retirement once Ms. DeKerlegand takes leadership of the class.

Ms. DeKerlegand is a 2014 graduate of Regents Academy. She plans to graduate from SFA in December with a B.A. in Education. Until then, we plan for her to spend as much time as possible in the Regents classroom getting necessary experience and preparing for her future full-time role.

Welcome aboard, Ms. DeKerlegand!

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Welcome Aboard, Mr. Ben Alexander

We are very happy to welcome Mr. Ben Alexander to our school’s faculty in 2018-19. Mr. Alexander, along with his wife Jana and five children, come to us from California, where he served as headmaster of King’s Classical Academy. Mr. Alexander will serve as Omnibus teacher and as Dean of Students. One of his primary responsibilities will be to oversee our new House System, which we are excited to kick off this fall. Three of Mr. Alexander’s children will attend Regents beginning this fall: Elijah, Abigail, and Hannah.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Alexander!

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Welcome Aboard, Mrs. Melissa Rotramel

We are very happy to introduce Mrs. Melissa Rotramel as our new Logic/Rhetoric School math teacher for 2018-19. No stranger to our school, Mrs. Rotramel spent the last year as a Regents mom, but now she takes her place in the math classroom as our Prealgebra, Algebra, and Geometry teacher. Originally from the Texas Panhandle, Melissa is the wife of Blaine and the mom of Sydney and Shelby.

Welcome aboard, Mrs. Rotramel!

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2018 Eagle Awards

We are so thankful for the 2018 Regents Academy Eagle Award recipients, pictured below. What a great year of diligence and leadership.

From left to right: Mary Kate Hill, Jake Hill, and Levi Wilson.

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Courage, Character, and Leadership for Life

 April 12-13, 2018

  • A program jointly sponsored by Regents Academy and The Protectors, the only faith-based organization of its kind helping Christian schools resist bullying. Focused on ways to improve our school’s culture and together provide a Christ-centered environment for our children.
  • Featuring Paul Coughlin, best-selling author and founder of The Protectors.
  • Practical, effective, and powerful ways for students, parents, and teachers to work together to combat a growing problem.
  • Strategies for making our school an oasis of love and safety by spreading God’s love, mercy, and justice, and encouraging our children to grow in courage, faith, and character.


Thursday, April 12: Parent/Community Meeting, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

At Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (next door to Regents Academy)

90 minute presentation including Q & A – Question time could go longer

Friday, April 13: Student Presentations

At Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Grades 2 – 7, 10:35-11:20 a.m. 45 minute presentation including Q & A

Grades 8 – 12, 12:55 – 1:50 p.m. 55 minute presentation including Q & A


Parents are invited to all meetings.

Please feel free to invite neighbors and friends who are not part of the Regents community.

Contact the Regents Academy school office with questions or for more info (936) 559-7343.

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