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Surprised by Wonder

Here’s a candid shot of 1st grade and grammar school principal, Mr. Vermillion, being “surprised by wonder” during recess as good ol’ Texas fire ants devoured a dead bug. The enchantment of education is by no means limited to the classroom!

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1st Grade

Drama is simply rhetoric in poetic form. Through dramatic narrations of great books, our teachers are able to both capture the attention and foster the imagination of our curious students. Here’s our beloved Mrs. Chapman reading to her 1st graders about how the vikings discovered America before Columbus!

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Logic and Rhetoric

Our Logic and Rhetoric School got the chance to go to Escapology in Tyler to kick off the new school year. The Houses split up and were each placed into rooms with secret passages to solve various complicated mysteries. With only one hour and cryptic clues, the Houses had to work closely together to find a way to escape. While several groups only had seconds to go before they were locked in there forever (not really), all of our students were able to successfully escape!

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Writing II Mock Debate

A hallmark of our Writing II course is the sharpening of the persuasive skills of the student. Today, students applied some of the skills that they have learned by participating in a mock debate about uniforms.

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Veterans Day Assembly

Regents Academy was very glad to welcome several veterans to campus for a Veterans Day assembly honoring them for their service and thanking God for the blessing of brave men and women who sacrifice to protect our freedom and prosperity. The assembly was led by the 6th grade class and their teacher Mrs. Mary Austin, along with several strings players from the Regents Upper School. Afterward, the 6th graders hosted the veterans for a grab-and-go breakfast.

We are so very thankful for all the brave men and women who have served our nation!

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4-H Robotics Club in Action

Many thanks to Regents dads Michael Liebrum and Russell DonCarlos for leading the Robotics Club. The club meets after school every other Thursday throughout the school year.

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Let’s Play Gaga Ball!

Regents Academy has been blessed with fantastic playground equipment, and now we are excited to add a gaga pit for students to enjoy. Students, both young and old, have been having a great time playing gaga ball during PE and recess, especially with the sunshine we’ve been enjoying.

Many thanks to Gregg and Angie Nichols for their wonderful donation!

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A 2nd Grade Tower of Babel

The second grade students got a small taste of what a massive project the Tower of Babel must have been when they built their own miniature replica in their classroom. The class, with their teacher Miss Kendall DeKerlegand, has been reading and studying the early chapters of Genesis.

The class continued to learn about the story of the Towel of Babel when the Tower was knocked over.

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Students “Hang Around” at House Kick-Off

The Regents Academy House System kicked its year off with a visit to the Stephen F. Austin University ropes course. After a morning of fun competition at the school, Upper School students trekked to SFA to engage in team building, have fun, and take risks together on the zipline and other ropes challenges.

Many thanks to our House Coordinator, Mrs. Lauren Lawrence, the fine staff at SFA, and the many parents who helped make the day happen.

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