Regents’ EAGLES Class

Juniors and seniors at Regents Academy have the option of taking an elective called EAGLES, which stands for “Exploring After Graduation Life & Education Seminar.”

This class’s objectives are as follows:

  • To help students prepare mentally, spiritually, and emotionally for post-high school life.
  • To provide students with practical resources (e.g., Scoir; scholarship opportunities; checklists; timelines; counseling; proofreading) that help them matriculate into the colleges they feel most promote their flourishing as humans created in God’s image.
  • To equip students with the tools of learning required to navigate the many decisions facing them in post-high school life.
  • To expose students to options other than college (e.g., vocational education; trade school; military; entrepreneurship; internship).

EAGLES meets once a week and is designed to be immensely practical, tailoring assignments to the students’ specific post-high school plans.