Hello and welcome to the Regents Academy’s website.

I am privileged to serve as the headmaster at a school that treasures Christ as all in all. The education provided at Regents seeks to “take every thought captive for Christ.” We seek to submit ourselves to God’s Word as the sufficient source of truth for all of life and therefore to glorify Him in all things.

Regents Academy is a growing community of families that have partnered together to provide their children with a rich and challenging classical Christian education. It is rooted in the Great Tradition of the West, which has passed down a robust, enduring educational tradition. The ancients sought the cultivation of wisdom and virtue as the highest aim of education. Simply acquiring knowledge for utilitarian purposes was not enough. They believed, as we do, that education is not ultimately about making money, going to college, or producing goods. It is fundamentally about whom we become.

Therefore, depending on God’s grace, Regents Academy is committed to training students to become wise and godly leaders who are equipped to engage the world with a solid biblical foundation and the tools of learning. We do this by employing a challenging curriculum that includes the Great Books of the Western tradition, in-depth study of Latin, rich science and math programs, and a focus on beauty and the arts. We aim to teach everything with Christ at the center, revealing Him as the one in whom all things cohere and in whom all things find their true meaning. Our teachers are godly men and women who love their students and flesh out the truths they teach day by day.

I invite you to explore our site and learn more about our vision of education. May God give you wisdom and grace as you seek to raise your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord so that Christ may be glorified in all.

Grace and peace to you,

Preston L. Atwood, Ph.D.