What is a House System?

The House System at Regents Academy is reminiscent of the houses of the traditional residential college system. Students in 7-12th grades are distributed into four houses, which serve as small, permanent, faculty-supported, cross-sectional, and human-friendly components. A faculty member oversees each house. Through weekly service projects, friendly competitions, and other activities in all three schools (Grammar/Logic/Rhetoric), students develop character, strengthen community, build culture, and grow as leaders. House Stewards receive .5 credits on their high school transcript for Student Leadership Lab.

Our vision for the House System is to give students opportunities to lead and shape the culture at Regents. Our hope is that through weekly service projects, friendly competitions, house worship Wednesdays, regularly serving local non-profits, and connecting the Lower and Upper schools, a pervading love for one another and the Lord will deepen.

Principles of the House System