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Feasting with Pastor Booth

Pastor Randy Booth, the Regents Academy chaplain, is blogging about education over at the Feast of Booths. I highly encourage everyone to head over there and follow his series of posts.

Pastor Booth has been dealing with the history of public education in America and the nature of faithfulness in Christian education. If you haven’t been following them, look back in the archives and get caught up. He’s up to post 38, so there’s some reading to do! But it is well worth your time.

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Val and Sal Speeches 2010

Congratulations again!

The valedictorian of the Regents graduating class of 2010 is Parker Andrews. The salutatorian is David Henry. Both young men graduated magna cum laude, with many honors and accomplishments, and both are preparing to continue their education, having achieved a number of significant academic scholarships.

We are very proud of these two students, who achieved top honors in their class. Below are their speeches from this year’s graduation ceremony.

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Lance Vermillion: “Be Men . . . And Women”

The Regents Academy commencement exercises on May 28, 2010, looked backward to thank God for His abundant blessings in the lives of our five graduates and their families. The ceremony also looked forward to what God has in store for Parker, Brad, Olya, David, and Hannah. Through their education at Regents Academy, these students have been uniquely prepared to be lifelong learners and to pursue whatever vocational avenue God opens up.

Below is the video of speaker Lance Vermillion’s graduation speech. Mr. Vermillion is the former assistant administrator at Regents and currently the elementary principal and assistant headmaster at Veritas Academy in Texarkana. His speech is a profound and witty tribute to classical Christian education and a meaningful challenge to the graduates. The video is in two parts.

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A Soaring Eagle

Congratulations to Mrs. MaryAnn Bentley, who received the Regents Academy Soaring Eagle Award on May 27, 2010. Pictured below are board member Michael Kunk, Mrs. Bentley, and new headmaster David Bryant. We love you, Mrs. Bentley.

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Parenting 101, part six

Here is yet another parenting 101 suggestion: volunteer at your children’s school.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your role in your children’s education ends when you drop them off in the morning. Neither does it end when your children leave the grammar school for the logic school. You are responsible for your children’s education, from kindergarten to graduation. Furthermore, God has designed you to make a unique contribution to Regents Academy. One way you can fulfill that responsibility and make your contribution is by being involved in the life of the school, helping it as it serves families and adding your distinctive talents and personality to the school’s ministry. What can you do? Here are a few ideas:

Help prepare and serve hot lunch

Read in your child’s classroom

Serve at a school dinner

Help build the playground (this Saturday June 12th!)

Clean and organize the kitchen

Drive students for a class field trip

Help with next year’s BIG Serve

Talk to Mr. Bryant, Mrs. DeKerlegand, or your child’s teacher, and find a way to contribute your time and talents to the school’s ministry. Regents Academy relies on faithful parents who serve week-in and week-out.

Thank you to all our parents who serve so diligently.

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An August Assembly

The Regents Academy graduation ceremony on May 28, 2010, featured as its speaker former assistant administrator Lance Vermillion. Pictured (l to r) are graduates David Henry, Brad Culpepper, Hannah Kirby, Olya Fleetwood, and Parker Andrews. Also pictured are the Regents Board of Directors, faculty, and administration.


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