K5 kindergarten

Proud and Fierce

Regents students learned self-defense in P.E. class this quarter. The guest teacher was Mr. Richard Hartstein, who presented certificates of completion to the students this week.

The KPrep and Kindergarten classes were especially proud of their accomplishment. They were also especially fierce when they put on their “self-defense face.”

Just back slowly away.

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Kindergarteners Count to 100 and Partner with Heartbeat

Each year the Kindergarten class celebrates their 100th day of school by collecting supplies for Heartbeat Pregnancy Center in Nacogdoches. This year the kindergarteners, with the help of the Regents students and families, collected more than 100 receiving blankets and baby booties to donate to our friends at Heartbeat.

Pictured below is the class with their teacher LaWanna Smith, along with Mrs. Dee Still, the director of Heartbeat.

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Celebrating St. Nicholas Day

The kindergarten and KPrep classes celebrated St. Nicholas day on Thursday. Just like in the days of the first Nicholas, the children placed their shoes outside their door and found gifts inside.

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Managing the City Manager

Last week the kindergarten class went to downtown Nacogdoches to learn some history of our town. They visited the welcome center, and then they went to City Hall. Very exciting stuff! They met City Manager Jim Jeffers and Chief of Police Jim Sevey. They visited the City Council chamber and sat in the big chairs. After their outing, they went to Barnhill’s and enjoyed a delicious lunch.

Their teacher, Mrs. Sharon Freeland, is behind the camera in the pictures below.

The kindergarteners also were given colorful Nacogdoches pins that they fixed to their shirts. The day after their trip one kindergartener, Jack Mounger, was still wearing his. He came to me and said, “I’m the boss of you.” I tilted my head and asked why that was. He pointed to his pin and said, “Because I’m the mayor!”

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Four Reasons to Choose Regents Kindergarten

If you live in Nacogdoches, Texas, and you have a rising kindergartener in your home, why should you choose to send her to Regents Academy?

First, classical education is the best education for your children. Period. The vision for classical education is to create lifelong learners who understand how to think and know how to learn so that they can attempt great things in service to the Lord God. That vision begins very early – in kindergarten, where the Grammar stage of the Trivium is being founded. If you want the best for your children academically, Regents kindergarten is the place to be.

Second, habits formed early in life have a tremendous impact later in life. When a child is given a high standard, is taught to read and to love books, and is trained how to learn, the habits formed yield great dividends later on. Regents Academy kindergarten fosters these habits in a structured atmosphere.

Third, Regents kindergarten teachers are excellent. Mrs. Janet Duke and Mrs. Sharon Freeland are creative, dedicated, talented teachers who build strong relationships with their students and parents and who devote themselves to daily exciting forays into learning with their pupils. Parents are always welcome in their classrooms, and Regents parents testify to their effectiveness.

Finally, Regents Academy offers a loving, Christian environment where children are nurtured, trained, and shown Christian affection. For Christian parents who want Christian discipleship as well as a Christian curriculum, Regents is the natural choice.

What are you waiting for? Give Regents a call at (936) 559-7343.

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Regents Academy Kindergarten Openings

Regents Academy has openings in its K-prep and K5 classes for 2010-2011. Call (936) 559-7343 now for information about the school or to enroll for next school year. There are openings in both these classes now, but these opening may not last for long.

The Regents K-prep program is a full day kindergarten program for 4-year-olds, while the K5 program is a full-day program for 5-year-olds.

Regents Academy is a K-12 classical Christian school located on 10 acres in Nacogdoches, Texas, and offers excellent academics and discipleship for Christian families in East Texas. The Regents Academy facility has recently undergone major renovations and expansion. The school’s classical curriculum and teachers are second to none.

If you have rising kindergarteners in your home, please call Mrs. Mary Ann Bentley now at the Regents school office at (936) 559-7343.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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