Faculty and Staff


Dr. Preston Atwood


Preston Atwood has served as Regents’ headmaster since June 2020 and enjoys teaching Senior Thesis in the Rhetorical School and Latin II in the Logic School. He earned his Ph.D. and M.A. in Classical & Ancient Near Eastern Studies (Hebrew Bible Major; Greek Minor) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Th.M. and M.Div. at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a B.A. in Humanities at Scarborough College. Dr. Atwood was previously the headmaster at Grace Classical Christian Academy in Granbury, TX, and held numerous administrative appointments at UW-Madison (2014-2019), the National Association of Professors of Hebrew (2015-2017), and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2010-2014). Dr. Atwood has also been the recipient of many grants, fellowships, awards, and scholarships, affording him opportunities to present his scholarly research in many countries and states, including a summer-long research stay in Jerusalem, Israel. Dr. Atwood is married to Emily and has six kids, four of whom attend Regents. Aside from his more scholarly pursuits, Dr. Atwood enjoys fishing, music composition, conducting experiments with his sons, crafting with his daughters, drinking Mediterranean coffee, and taking his wife out to non-chain restaurants.

Mrs. Shannon Henry


Shannon Henry is the Logic & Rhetoric School Academic Administrator. This year she also teaches Algebra 2, Precalculus, and Biology. She has a B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Biology. After a brief stint working in a lab for the Angelina Neches River Authority, she became a teacher in the public-school system. Soon thereafter she and John, her husband of now thirty-two years, felt led to look for alternative education for their three boys. This led them to become founding members of Regents Academy. They now have three grown sons, each of whom has graduated from Regents, and they are proud to say that their grandson is now attending.

Mr. Lance Vermillion


Lance Vermillion serves as the Grammar School Principal and teaches Latin I in 6th grade. He has been involved in classical Christian education since 2001, after graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University with a B.A. in History. In his years since, Lance has taught multiple grade levels and a variety of subjects from P.E. to rhetoric in three different classical Christian schools. He currently coaches the Jr. High soccer and girls Jr. High basketball teams. Lance has been married to Anna for twenty years, and their five children all attend (or have graduated from) Regents Academy. When not in school, Lance enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, gardening, serving as a secret service agent (in family Nerf wars), and recognizing Far Side moments in everyday life.


Mrs. Nicole Alders


Nicole Alders has served Regents in various roles since its beginning in 2001, when she taught a cooperative education government class for high school students. Since then, Nicole has taught language arts for 2nd through 6th grades and 7th grade writing for six years until 2015, when she retired from the classroom to serve as the Post High School Adviser. In addition to her work with high school students, she has coordinated the high school speech and academics programs since 2008 for the Texas Association of Private & Parochial Schools (TAPPS), and she has served as the BIG Serve Corporate Sponsorships coordinator since 2017. Nicole graduated with a B.A. in Journalism (and minor in marketing) from Texas A & M University. She has been married for almost thirty-six years to David Alders. David and Nicole have ten children and seven grandchildren. All ten of their children have attended Regents in one capacity or another, and seven of them have graduated from Regents since 2008. When she is not working at the school or fulfilling her responsibilities as the bookkeeper for her family’s businesses, Nicole enjoys gardening, sewing, cooking, and serving her growing family, church, and school communities.

Mrs. Jennifer DeKerlegand


Jennifer DeKerlegand is the school’s Business Manager. Jennifer graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education. Jennifer began working at Regents in 2006. She was the school secretary from 2006 to 2013. As the school grew larger, so did the secretary job. In 2013, Regents hired a full-time secretary, and Jennifer became the Business Manager. Jennifer is married to Dirk, and they recently celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Dirk and Jennifer are the proud parents to three lovely daughters. The oldest two daughters graduated from Regents, and the youngest will graduate in 2021. Jennifer’s daughters are at least the fifth generation of children in her family to be born in Nacogdoches (otherwise known as a BIN – “Born In Nacogdoches”). In Jennifer’s spare time, she loves to travel with her family. Jennifer has been on eight cruises and already has a ninth cruise scheduled for next summer.

Mrs. Jeni Gilbreath


Jeni Gilbreath serves as the school’s secretary. She was born and raised in Michigan until she moved to West Texas to live with her husband and raise their sons. Her love for the flora and fauna of the desert lead her to pursue and earn a degree in Agriculture Science at Odessa College. Her oldest son is a recent graduate of Regents Academy, and her other son is in 7th grade. She has been married to her husband, Lance, for seventeen years. In her free time she enjoys photography, world traveling, and riding motorcycles with her husband.

Mrs. ReKay Maness


ReKay Maness serves as the school’s Librarian and Grammar School Teacher’s Aide. She has been married to Jacob for eighteen years and has a son, Jericho, who is presently attending Regents. She has been a practicing Medical Massage Therapist for the past thirteen years. She was formerly an AWANA Commander, but she now volunteers as a Sunday School teacher, Children’s Church leader, and VBS helper at Calvary Baptist Church. Her hobbies include collecting rare books, listening to big band and swing music, and drinking coffee with her husband on the front porch.

Miss Emma Terrell


Emma Terrell serves as Regents’ Athletic Director and Administrative Assistant. She attended Regents for eleven years as a student and graduated in 2017. She has an Associate’s Degree in General Studies from Angelina College. She has two younger brothers still at Regents, a sister who graduated in 2019, and her mother teaches 4th grade. She has been involved in sports from a young age, and played soccer for city recreational, select, and school teams. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and spending time with her family. Emma is passionate about the success of the athletics program at Regents and loves being part of the administrative team.


Mr. David Alders


David Alders teaches Economics in the Rhetoric School. After graduating with honors from Texas A & M University, David worked in Dallas for three years for Trammell Crow Company. In 1988, he returned to his hometown of Nacogdoches to work in his family’s timberland and cattle operations. He owns interests in Carrizo Creek Corporation, Alders Enterprises, Principatus Properties, Dagwood Timber, and Buck Bay Timber. David’s current civic involvement includes serving as a member of the governing boards of Stephen F. Austin State University and New Saint Andrews College, a director on the boards of Citizens 1st Bank, Texas Forestry Association, Texas Agricultural Land Trust, Heartbeat Pregnancy Center, Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce and Nacogdoches County Farm Bureau, the Vice President of the Pineywoods Groundwater Conservation District, a member of the East Texas Regional Water Planning Group, a Trustee of the Texas Center for Legal Ethics, and Vice Chairman of the board of Regents Academy. He formerly served on the board of directors of Heritage Land Bank, the Nacogdoches Economic Development Corporation, the State Bar of Texas, and the governing board of the Texas Department of Rural Affairs. David serves as an elder of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nacogdoches. He and Nicole have ten children and seven grandchildren.

Mr. Robert Baker


Robert Baker teaches ASPC, Chemistry, Physics, and Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry in the Logic & Rhetoric School. Robert received a B.S. degree in Chemistry and Mathematics, as well as a Master’s degree in Education from Stephen F. Austin State University. He spent thirty-four years in public education teaching sciences and mathematics, with the majority of those years dedicated to elementary and secondary administration. Robert has been married to JoAnn for almost fifty years. They have four children and six grandchildren, two of whom are enrolled at Regents. Robert’s greatest joy is to spend time with his family.

Dr. Matthew A. Beauregard


Matthew A. Beauregard teaches Calculus in the Rhetoric School and is also a professor of mathematics and the interim chair of the Department of Physics, Engineering, and Astronomy at Stephen F. Austin State University. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, with a minor in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona (2008), a M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Arizona (2004), and a B.Sc. in Mathematics with an Economics minor from the University of New Hampshire (2002). His research interests are applied mathematics, contributing many scientific papers in mathematical modeling and computational science. He has earned numerous awards for his teaching and, most recently, was the recipient of the 2019 Teaching Excellence Award awarded at Stephen F. Austin State University. He is married to Rebecca Beauregard, and his two oldest children are students at Regents. For fun, Matthew enjoys board games, especially cribbage.

Mrs. Rebecca Beauregard


Rebecca Beauregard teaches Pre-algebra, Algebra, and Geometry in the Logic & Rhetoric School. She has a B.A. in Mathematics, with a minor in Secondary Education from the State University of New York at Geneseo, as well as a M.Ed. in School Counseling and Guidance from the University of Arizona. Before trading in her gradebooks and dry-erase markers for full time motherhood, she taught middle school math in Tucson, AZ, for eight years. Rebecca was married to Matthew in 2004 and now has four children, three of whom attend Regents. For fun, she likes to read fluffy novels, enjoy the outdoors, and play board games.

Mr. Wesley Burke


Wesley Burke teaches Omnibus IV (Antiquity II) in the Rhetoric School. He has a B.A. in Liberal and Applied Studies and is currently pursuing a Masters in Divinity at BMA Theological Seminary. Wes is the pastor/church planter of Redemption Baptist Church in the city of Nacogdoches. Wesley has been married to Brittany for eight years and they have four children, with his two oldest attending Regents. Wesley grew up in East Texas, but he moved back to Nacogdoches in 2019 from Washington D.C., where he completed the Capitol Hill Baptist Church pastoral internship under senior pastor/author Mark Dever. He enjoys playing basketball, hiking, camping outdoors, reading various Christian literature, and playing with his children.

Ms. Lina Burklin


Lina Burklin teaches Earth Science, Omnibus I (Antiquity I), and Government in the Logic & Rhetoric School. She has a B.A. in Music, with a minor in British Studies, and she holds a Texas teacher’s certificate. In the first nine years of her teaching career, Lina served at a small missionary boarding school in the remote Zambian bush. Since returning stateside, she has been very excited to follow her longtime dream of working at a classical Christian school and living on the same continent as her family. In her free time, Lina is an avid reader, knitter, and crafter, who also enjoys traveling and learning new skills of all kinds.

Miss Jenna Herrington


Jenna Herrington teaches Writing I & II, Omnibus II (Medieval I), and Senior Thesis in the Logic & Rhetoric School. She has a B.A. in English, with a minor in Creative Writing from Belhaven University. In her free time, she loves reading, writing, playing strategy games, and hiking in the mountains of North Carolina, her home state.

Dr. Rick Hurst


Rick Hurst teaches Omnibus V (Christendom II) and Christian Apologetics in the Rhetoric School. Rick’s undergraduate degree is in Chemistry, and he practices as a local Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, but studying Christian theology, literature, history, and basic sciences has consumed much of his personal study since becoming a believer in college. Dr. Hurst’s primary motivation for teaching is to help teenagers develop a rich worldview, with the Lord Jesus Christ as its defining focus. Rick and his wife, Christy, have four children and ten grandchildren, six of whom attend Regents. 

Mrs. Lauren Lawrence


Lauren Lawrence teaches Omnibus III (Modernity I), Spanish I and II, and she serves as the House Coordinator for the Logic & Rhetoric School. She has a B.A. in Liberal Arts, with a minor in Latin American Studies, for which she studied in Costa Rica and Argentina. Her sweet husband, Daniel, has also been a teacher for many years, but he currently works as a Technology Specialist at Pineywoods Charter Academy in Lufkin, TX. Lauren and Daniel have been married for eight years. They have two dogs, Hope and Mancha, and a cat named Tito. During her free time, Lauren loves to be outdoors kayaking, riding bikes, walking, gardening, and spending time with Daniel and their dogs.

Mr. Jason Modar


Jason Modar teaches Logic, Rhetoric I, and Omnibus VI (Modernity II) in the Logic & Rhetoric School. He managed to hoodwink his alma mater, William Jessup University, into awarding him with a degree in Bible & Theology. Before escaping to Texas and working at Regents, Jason worked at a Christian radio station in California. He and his wife, Kelsie, have been married for four years. They have two daughters and are expecting a son this November. You will occasionally find Jason attempting to recapture his youth playing basketball with Regent’s students. Jason also likes to read, listen to podcasts, run, and write third-person website bios.

Mrs. Lara Sowell


Lara Sowell teaches Latin III and IV in the Logic & Rhetoric School. She attended Texas Wesleyan University for one semester and then transferred to University of Texas at Arlington where she studied German and Mathematics. She met her husband, Mark, while working as a pharmacy technician at St. Joseph Hospital in Fort Worth. They married in 1992 and Lara joined Mark in Cleveland, OH, where he was attending medical school. They are immensely proud of their four children, Camille, Tyler, Jonathan, and Andria. In 1994 the couple became interested in classical Christian education. After settling in Nacogdoches in July 1999, Mark and Lara met like-minded people and started planning Regents Academy in the fall of 2001 and opened it to students in the fall of 2002. Lara agreed to teach Latin at the school even though she had only taught introductory Latin in a home school setting. Over the years she taught herself Latin and has been teaching it every year since the school opened. Lara enjoys going for walks, hanging out with friends, listening to audio books, and reading braille, which she also taught herself.


Mrs. Anna Vermillion


Anna Vermillion teaches K-Prep in the Grammar School. She graduated from a classical Christian school in Texarkana where she read many of the great works of literature, studied Latin and Greek, and had a love of learning instilled by teachers who were both enthusiastic and learned. Anna has been married to Lance for twenty years, and they have five children, the oldest of whom (James) graduated from Regents in 2020. The other four (Leah, Susannah, Clara, and Jesse) can be found in various classrooms and hallways around Regents. For fun, Anna loves to read, drink coffee with friends, and spend time with her family: traveling; playing games; and laughing.

Mrs. Janet Duke


Janet LaFontaine Duke teaches Kindergarten in the Grammar School and runs the After-School Care Program. She holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Indiana University. She spent twenty years in the hospitality industry before joining the faculty at Regents in 2008. She taught K-Prep until 2015 and then switched to the Kindergarten position. She is married to local doctor, David Duke. She has four stepdaughters, three of whom are graduates of Regents. She enjoys hiking, reading books, wearing comfy PJs, and spending time with family (including fulfilling her duties as Wicked Evil Stepmonster). She is uniquely suited to the role of Kindergarten teacher, as she also enjoys children’s books, snacks, and recess.   

Mrs. Melissa Ketchen


Melissa Ketchen teaches 1st grade in the Grammar School. She had a unique apprenticeship-style teacher training experience in New Zealand and gained a Diploma of Christian Teaching from Wycliffe College of Christian Education. She began teaching full-time in 1999 and studied part-time to gain a government-approved Diploma of Teaching from the Masters Institute. Melissa earned a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 2006. It was while studying in Greenville, SC, that she met her husband, Nathan. Nathan and Melissa have four children, all of whom attend Regents Academy. Melissa loves to help Christian parents lay a solid foundation of learning and a Christian worldview in the early years of students’ lives. She also prefers bungee jumping to parachuting.

Miss Kendall DeKerlegand


Kendall DeKerlegand teaches 2nd grade in the Grammar School. A 2015 graduate and alumnus of the school, Kendall spent her years at Regents playing junior high soccer, basketball, participating in TAPPS, choir, and Key Club. Kendall graduated in 2018 with her B.S. in Early Childhood-6th Education from Stephen F. Austin State University. Kendall is a member of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church. For fun, Kendall loves to travel, go on long walks, drink a cup of coffee, garden, spend time with family, and play with her dog. 

Mrs. Amy Tyre


Amy Tyre teaches 3rd grade in the Grammar School. This is her twentieth-year teaching, and her fourteenth year at Regents. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education at Mississippi College in Clinton, MS. She began her teaching career in Richland, MS. She is glad to have had the opportunity to travel to Rome, Pompeii, and Athens, places she teaches about in Greek and Roman history as a 3rd grade teacher. Amy has been married to Brian for twenty-three years. He is currently the lead pastor at New Hope Church in Nacogdoches, as well as the coach for Regents’ girls basketball team. They have one child, Trinity Tyre, who is a senior at Regents this year. Trinity also plays on the girls basketball team. Amy is active at her church, and is very supportive of Brian’s ministry. She particularly enjoyed serving on a mission team to Haiti in 2017. She also enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with family.

Mrs. Katrina Terrell


Katrina Terrell has taught 4th grade in the Grammar School since 2008. She has a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Stephen F. Austin State University. Katrina has been married to Jeremy for twenty-two years. They have four children, two of whom have graduated from Regents, and two of whom still attend. In her free time, Katrina enjoys traveling with her family, working in her garden, and spending time outside.

Mrs. Lori Cunyus


Lori Cunyus teaches 5th grade in the Grammar School. She also coaches cross country and track and manages the school’s 4-H Club. She is wife to Michael and mother to Rachel and Sydney. Her girls have attended Regents since they started school, and she has been teaching here (in 2nd and 5th grades) since 2011. She graduated from Texas A & M University with a degree in Agricultural Development, and she has a Master of Science degree in Agriculture from Stephen F. Austin State University. She loves babies, the outdoors, adventures, animals, hiking, gardening, horseback riding, reading, and teaching kids about God’s beautiful world and awesome truths. Her family lives just outside of town on a farm where they have lots of critters and many projects going on at any given time. They worship with their church family at North Street Church of Christ, where their kids are active in the youth group and Michael is an elder.

Mrs. Mary Austin


Mary Austin has taught 6th grade in the Grammar School since 2018. A native Nacogdochean, she is a graduate of Texas A & M University with a B.A. in English Literature. Her love for teaching sprang from years of teaching God’s Word in children’s and youth ministry alongside her husband, Bobby. They have three children, two of whom attend Regents. Mary counts it a great privilege to be part of the Regents team, coming alongside students in deeper thinking from a Christian worldview.

Fine Arts and P.E.

Mrs. Carolyn Andrews


Carolyn Andrews has served as the Choral Director at Regents Academy for 15 years and has recently introduced a music Aesthetics course to students in the Logic & Rhetoric School. She earned a B.M.E. from Baylor University and a J.D. from the Baylor School of Law. While in Waco, she served as the Music Director for the Methodist Children’s Home, teaching children from the 1st through the 12th grades, conducting their traveling music ensembles, and preparing children to record for the Home’s monthly radio program. In Nacogdoches, she has served as the Director of the SFASU Music Preparatory Choristers and has directed both children and adult choirs and ensembles at Grace Bible Church and Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church. Carolyn has three young adult children, all of whom love music; two of whom are Regents Academy graduates. She enjoys reading, coffee with friends, traveling, listening to music, walking in the mountains, playing the piano, learning about art, and getting her hands dirty in the yard.

Ms. Martha De Luna


Martha Jhoana De Luna Mateo is the Grammar School Music Teacher and Orchestra Director at Regents Academy. Martha holds two Master’s degrees in piano and harp performance from Stephen F. Austin State University. Born in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic, Martha began studying music at the age of seven and playing the piano at the age of eight. She performed several times at the National Theater of the Dominican Republic, and also at the U.S. Embassy there. She was composing music for piano, choir, and chamber ensembles by the age of thirteen, and she has composed more than 200 pieces for piano, more than 100 original compositions for voice and piano, and numerous hymn arrangements for piano, chamber music, and choir. Martha made her first debut as an orchestral conductor with the Suite for Orchestra “West Side Story,” studying conducting under Dr. Gene Moon at SFASU. She has recorded two CDs comprised of her original compositions and hymn arrangements with her family. Since 2014, she has served as the pianist and organist for the First Christian Church in Lufkin, TX. She travels to different places as an inspirational speaker and to perform at concerts, events, conferences, and seminars.  Martha enjoys swimming, CrossFit, composing, reading, and spending time with family, friends, and nature.

Mrs. Emily Atwood


Emily Atwood teaches Drama at Regents Academy. She has a B.A. in Humanities and is in the process of earning a M.A. in Theology, with a concentration in Women’s Studies. Emily married Preston Atwood in 2008, and they have six children. The older four children attend Regents currently, so when Emily is not teaching drama, she is doting on the two youngest children at home, running around taking care of a family, and managing the home. She particularly enjoys cooking, gardening, singing, and being outdoors as much as possible. Dates with her husband usually involve hole-in-the-wall international food restaurants; “family dates” almost always involve outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, swimming, camping, or “playgrounding.”

Mr. Caleb Homer


Caleb Homer teaches P.E. for all grades at Regents Academy. Caleb graduated high school from Center, TX, in 2006. He, his wife Lauren, and their two children have lived in Central Heights since 2015. They are members at Fredonia Hill Baptist Church. He received his undergraduate degree from Texas Christian University (TCU) and a M.B.A. from the University of Texas at Tyler. A former college athlete, Caleb played Division III football as a wide receiver at Howard Payne University and later Division I rugby as an outside center/fullback at TCU. As owner and operator of NarroWay Fitness, Caleb coaches daily CrossFit classes and leads an indoor rowing studio, encouraging his members and employees to stay active, live a healthy lifestyle, and keep the main things the main things. In his spare time, Caleb enjoys investing time with his family on the homestead, works toward improving his overall fitness, and is always in the process of learning something new.