February 28, 2011

Regents Daily News:
February 28, 2011

Y’all Come

I want to take a moment to encourage you to come to the BIG Serve Kickoff Dinner next week, and bring your family.

The dinner is Thursday, March 3, at 6:00 p.m. at the Regents Great Room. It is being catered by Auntie Pastas, who is very generously donating the meal so that there is no charge to you. The food will be great, and so will the fellowship. Mrs. Kelly Young is doing a wonderful job planning the meal, and we appreciate her help.

The BIG Serve is our spring school-wide service project and fundraising event. Last year over 150 students, parents, teachers, and volunteers fanned out around Nacogdoches and served our community in a very visible manner. Also, families sought out donors to sponsor the students in their service, and we raised more than $36,500 for the school’s building fund. When you put these two efforts together – the serving and the fundraising – what you get is Regents Academy’s mission being advanced in an amazing way. The “BIG” stands for Blessed in Giving – and we are seeking God’s blessing in giving of ourselves through service and inviting others to know God’s blessing by giving financially to support His school.

The Kickoff Dinner is the start to our 2011 project, and it will be wonderful for you to be there to take part.
The truth is that tuition does not cover all the expenses of the school, so we are reliant on the generosity of donors to cover needed expenses like those associated with our beautiful school facility. The BIG Serve helped to cover that gap last year. We sent out hundreds of support letters and received hundreds of relatively small donations. When you put it all together, though, it adds up and makes a big impact.

Let me also say that the Kickoff Dinner will be a delightful time for our Regents families to spend time together around a meal. We have relatively few opportunities to be together in a casual setting and enjoy one another’s company, so with everything else that the Kickoff Dinner does, it also is a chance for good friends to socialize together.

And by the way, there will be little to no homework the night of the Kickoff Dinner. And could we ask you to RSVP to the school office by Tuesday, March 1? (You can call or email.)

I look forward to seeing you there, and thank you in advance for being committed to advancing Regents Academy’s God-honoring mission in our community.

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