The Art of Rhetoric

The class “Senior Thesis” (or Rhetoric II) offers each student a culminating opportunity to expand critical thinking, research, and rhetorical abilities by preparing, presenting, and defending a substantive argument on a debatable question. Students are expected to prepare a paper as formal evidence of learning and skill acquired at Regents Academy. As such, the paper is the most lengthy and most carefully documented essay the students write during their time at school.

Senior Thesis is also an extension of the student’s rhetoric training, and the first semester focuses on rhetorical training, even while the student is doing foundational work toward the Senior Thesis project.

The following list includes some topics researched, presented, and defended in previous years:

  • Leah Vermillion, “A World of Pure Imagination: A Study on How Stories Build Character”
  • Owen Fairley, “When Theory Hits the Playground: The Impact of Teaching Critical Race Theory in the Public School Classroom”
  • Caroline Alders, “Designed to Designer: A Christian Response to Genetic Modification”
  • Mason Baker, “Orchestrating the Spheres: The Significance of Funding High School Orchestra Programs”
  • Shelby Rotramel, “Keep Calm and Think On: An In-Depth Look at the Impact of Stress Coping Mechanisms on Mental and Physical Health”
  • Reagan Taylor, “Complementarianism Versus Egalitarianism: The Importance of Women’s Roles in the Church and Family”
  • Mason Rasberry, “Money Talks, But Do People Listen? The Significance of Financial Literacy Education in High Schools”
  • Trinity Tyre, “You Miss a Hundred Percent of the Shots You Aren’t Encouraged to Take: An Argument for Young Girls in Contact Sports”
  • Emma DeKerlegand, “It’s Not All Fun and Games: The Importance of Adoption in Response to Teenage Pregnancy”
  • Clayton Terrell, “Defund or Defend? The Necessity of Training and Funding for the Police Force”
  • Haley McBroom, “Mother Knows Best: On the Role of Stay-At-Home Moms in a Child’s Development”
  • Ashlynn McBroom, “Singing a New Song: The Importance of Learning and Celebrating the Fine Arts in Classical Christian Schools”
  • Sydney Cunyus, “The Bigger Picture: The Importance of a High School Visual Arts Education”
  • Anna Claire Powers, “Virtue Gone Virtual: How Christian Teenagers Can Use Social Media for Relationship-Building and Discipleship”
  • Seth Landrum, “Ethics and Execution: Injecting Biblical Truth into the American Execution System”