Monthly Archives: January 2011

Eagle Wins

Congratulations to the Regents Academy junior high girls and boys basketball teams on their wins yesterday. Both teams played Pineywoods Community Academy at the Angelina College practice gym in Lufkin on January 6.

The girls won their game 14-1, while the boys came out on top 33-31.

Congratulations, Eagles!

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Whole or part?

Can Latin help you in Math? Have math terms like integer and fraction ever troubled you? These terms should not trouble a student of Latin. The word integer comes from the Latin word integer, integra, integrum- whole, untouched and the word fraction comes from the Latin word frango, frangere, fregi, fractus- to break. Therefore, a student of Latin should see the word ‘integer’ and think ‘whole’ and see the word ‘fraction’ and think ‘part of a whole’ because something was broken.

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