August 26, 2010

Regents Daily News:
August 26, 2010

On Tuesday Morning

On Tuesday morning, one of our families was in a car accident travelling to school. They were not seriously hurt and were able to get to school without too much delay. As I was helping them get to school, I had to drop off a backpack in a classroom and what I experienced was not likely being experienced anywhere else in Nacogdoches that morning… A classroom of students praying for their teacher!

Thank you, Mr. Bentley, for filling in during our time of need but also for being a Christian leader to our students during a time of trial. Regents Academy really is a family. Sure, we have our moments of pettiness and difficulty but we also have our moments of love and caring for one another. Our students love our teachers and our teachers love their students. Praise be to God!

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