July 9, 2010

Regents Daily News:
July 9, 2010

Why “Regents”?

I once asked our board chairman, Dr. Mark Sowell, why the founders of the school chose the name “Regents Academy.” Mark is never slow with a comeback, so he said, “Because we wanted to.” I was content with that answer, but after he took his tongue from his cheek he gave me a real answer.

Regents Academy chose its name when the school was being founded in 2001.  Several families gathered to begin a school in Nacogdoches that is thoroughly Christian and decidedly classical in its approach.  These families did not want a school that was only available to children of a certain church or denomination, and they did not want it to be the vision of only one person.  They felt that the school needed a board of various faiths, professions, and experiences to help guide the school.  Each board member, or regent, must be completely committed to the classical method of education and represent the Chrisitan faith in their character.  Regents Academy became the name chosen to represent the founding precepts of the school and continues to reflect the ongoing mission of our school.

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