February 25, 2011

Regents Daily News:
February 25, 2011

Eagles Basketball Wrap-Up

Here are some results of the 2011 basketball season. It was a great year for our Regents boys and girls!

Junior High Girls Team – Coached by Jill Milliken and Roy Bradley
The girls were undefeated in district play, and they also played some tough games in the city league. The team reached the quarterfinals of the Christian Schools Athletic Conference Championship bracket (12-team seed) before they lost in the final seconds to Trinity School of Texas, 18-17. Rylee Milliken had an outstanding season and was the team’s leading scorer. Kyla Alders, Kendall DeKerlegand, Michaela Hill, Megan Marshall, Sydney Williams, and Alice Bryant also made significant contributions to the team. The girls have high hopes for next year with a good group of younger players; Sarah Grace Alders, Madison Freeland, Annaleigh Andrews, Claire Culpepper, Lindley Bryant, Grace DeKerlegand, and hopefully some new faces.

Junior High Boys Team – Coached by Lee Hill and Bret Arrant
The boys had an outstanding year, remaining undefeated in district play and only a few close losses in the city league. The team also defeated the Central Heights Junior High B team. They lost in the first round of the Christian Schools Athletic Conference Championship bracket (14-team seed) but went on to win the Consolation Bracket!
Hudson Arrant and Harrison Perkins (homeschooler) both had outstanding seasons with the team. Unfortunately, Harrison’s broken hand in mid-season had an impact on the outcome of the first conference game. Akilesh Bapu and Graham Culpepper also made significant contributions to the team. Next year’s team should have a solid foundation with Aaron Bertke, Rowan Arrant, Patrick Dinan, Caleb Henry, Will Hill, Jake Hill, Colton Willhite, Wesley Young and younger boys moving up to play for the Eagles!

High School Boys Team – Coached by Mark Sowell and David Bryant
It was a year of “firsts” for our young team! We participate in TAPPS 1A District 3, playing teams in Longview, Tyler, and Henderson. Our High School boys’ team won two of their District games for the first time. Payton Andrews was selected for the TAPPS All-District First team (voted by the AD’s and coaches of the district) as he led the Eagles in scoring with an average of 18 points per game. This honor was a first for our team. Mitchell Henry and Will Alders were selected for All-District Second team for their outstanding contributions. Mitchell averaged 9 points per game and Will Alders contributed 8 points per game to the total. Ali Hosseinpour was selected for an Honorable Mention and most importantly, he received the Best Sportsman award. Another first for Regents was Timothy Marshall, who received the Newcomer Award for our district. Tim contributed 7 rebounds per game, and look out next year as Tim seems to still be growing! Our team was rounded out with contributions from Sam Alders, Aaron Bryant and Tyler Sowell.
The most important “first” for our team was their opportunity to play in a playoff game against The Geneva School in Boerne! The team travelled to San Antonio, and although they lost to a #1 seed it was an epic moment for our young team!
All of our High School players will be returning and welcoming the outstanding players moving up to High School from the eighth grade!

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