Daily Archives: January 31, 2011

Why study Latin?

Are you one of those who wonders why we teach Latin at Regents Academy? Well, recently while an omnibus class was being taught in my room, I heard a student ask the teacher how collaborate and conspire are similar in meaning. Since I was in the room, I was asked about the roots of these words. I reminded the students that the col- and con- prefixes come from the Latin word cum- with, together with. All the students were very familiar with this Latin word. I told them that for conspire they did not know the other part which comes from spirare- to breathe. Therefore, conspire means to breathe together. Immediately a hand went up and a student said he recognized that the second part of collaborate comes from laborare- to work, therefore collaborate means work together. This is just one of the valuable tools Latin is giving our students.

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