Parent Volunteers

God has designed each parent to make a unique contribution to Regents Academy. One way you can make your contribution is by volunteering. You can be involved in the life of the school, helping it as it serves families and adding your distinctive talents and personality to the school’s ministry.

What can you do? Here are a few ideas:

  • Help prepare and serve hot lunch
  • Read in your child’s classroom
  • Set-up or serve at a school dinner or reception
  • Serve as a Teacher’s Aide (e.g., make copies for a teacher; assist with grading; recess/lunch duty)
  • Serve as a room mom
  • Help with promotion and fundraising
  • Clean and organize the kitchen
  • Assist with grounds cleanup
  • Drive students for a class field trip
  • Help with next year’s BIG Serve

Parents interested in volunteering should speak to someone on the administrative team or their child’s teacher. You can contribute your time and talents to the school’s ministry. Regents Academy relies on faithful parents who serve the school week-in and week-out.