January 22, 2012

Regents Daily News:
January 22, 2012

TAPPS In-House Tourney Results

On Saturday Regents Academy high school students competed in their TAPPS In-House Speech and Academic Competition. The top three in each category will compete in the district competition on February 9-10 in Dallas. Last year the Regents team placed 1st and won the district competition on its way to placing 6th in the state. We saw great performances again this year in both speaking and academic events and expect great things at district and state once again.

The students worked hard to prepare for  their events, all in addition to their regular studies. Great job, students!

Here are the results by category of the In-House Tournament:

Duet Acting: 1st place – Elizabeth Castleberry & Haley Duke; 2nd place – Graham Culpepper & Sam Alders; 3rd place – Aaron Bryant & Will Alders; Alternate – Megan Marshall & Kendall DeKerlegand

Solo Acting: 1st place – Alice Bryant; 2nd place – Miranda Kunk; 3rd place – Aaron Bryant

Poetry: 1st place – Miranda Kunk; 2nd place – Aaron Bryant; 3rd place – Ali Hosseinpour; Alternate – Alice Bryant

Prose: 1st place – Elizabeth Castleberry; 2nd place – Ali Hosseinpour; 3rs place – Miranda Kunk; Alternate – Anna Daniel

Persuasive Speaking: 1st place – Haley Duke; 2nd place – Tim Marshall

Original Oratory: 1st place – Will Alders; 2nd place – Haley Duke

Science: 1st place – Tyler Sowell; 2nd place – Sam Alders; 3rd place – Will Alders

Spelling: 1st place – Tim Marshall; 2nd place – Graham Culpepper

Social Studies: 1st place – Jon Sowell

Current Issues & Events: 1st place – Tyler Sowell; 2nd place – Will Alders; 3rd place – Elizabeth Castleberry; Alternate – Jon Sowell

Literary Criticism: 1st place – Ali Hosseinpour; 2nd place – Miranda Kunk; 3rd place – Tyler Sowell; Alternate – Alice Bryant

Advanced Math: 1st place – Ali Hosseinpour

Number Sense: 1st place – Sam Alders; 2nd place – Tyler Sowell;

Calculator: 1st place – Sam Alders; 2nd place – Jon Sowell

TAPPS Math: 1st place – Tim Marshall; 2nd place – Tyler Sowell; 3rd place – Sam Alders; Alternate – Megan Marshall

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