Regents Daily News: December 6, 2021

Regents Daily News:
December 6, 2021

Colonial Day

The 5th Grade class celebrated their annual Colonial Day on November 18 in view of their study of early American history and literature. They began the day with reading about life in a New England colonial village, and then they put their knowledge to practice through hands-on crafts such as loom-weaving, tin punching, and making corn husk dolls. After a huge colonial Thanksgiving Feast (provided by our wonderful 5th Grade families), the students made their own butter and sampled it with homemade bread. Mr. Vermillion dug a fire pit for added ambience, and in their colonial costumes the youngsters both looked and smelled like early American villagers. Mrs. Smith and the 5th grade students would like to express their warm and heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Cunyus for creating and scheduling Colonial Day and to the many, many volunteers who made this celebration possible.

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