Regents Daily News: March 3, 2023

Regents Daily News:
March 3, 2023

Civil Air Patrol

We are excited to announce that several Regents students who are in CAP (Civil Air Patrol) were promoted on Monday, February 27. Joelle Quant reached the third achievement, being promoted to Senior Airman. Wyatt Anderson and Micah Spradley both completed their fourth achievement earning their Wright Brothers Awards, reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant. Jericho Maness was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant, and Abel Ketchen began his second term as Chief Master Sergeant and currently serves as the squadron’s Cadet Commander. Promotions are based on proper performance of drills and successfully passing tests covering search and rescue operations, first aid, aerospace, radio protocols, leadership practices, and navigation.


Left to Right in photo: Joelle Quant, Wyatt Anderson, Jericho Maness, Abel Ketchen, Nikolai DonCarlos, and Micah Spradley.

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