April 6, 2012

Regents Daily News:
April 6, 2012

“What is logic and what is it good for?”: Reasons to Study Logic—Part 5

5. Happiness. In a small but significant way, logic can help you attain happiness.

We all seek happiness all the time because no matter what else we seek, we seek it because we think it will be a means to happiness, or a part of happiness, either for ourselves or for those we love. And no one seeks happiness for any other end; no one says he wants to be happy in order to be rich, or wise, or healthy. But we seek riches, or wisdom, or health, in order to be happier.

How can logic help us to attain happiness? Here is a very logical answer to that question:

  1. When we attain what we desire, we are happy.
  2. And whatever we desire, whether Heaven or a hamburger, it is more likely that we will attain it if we think more clearly.
  3. And logic helps us to think more clearly.
  4. Therefore logic helps us to be happy.
[Adapted from Peter Kreeft, Socratic Logic]


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