July 26, 2012

Regents Daily News:
July 26, 2012

Big Shoes to Fill

Two beloved Regents family members are stepping down from their roles at our school this summer. It is bittersweet when friends move on to other things: bitter because you miss their presence but sweet because you know they are doing something they love.

Farrar and MaryAnn Bentley have been faithfully involved in the life of Regents Academy for over half the life of our school. Mr. Bentley has been like a beloved grandfather to our students as he taught many classes, most recently Spanish to our high schoolers. Mrs. Bentley was the Regents administrator for 4 years until becoming a member of the Board of Directors in 2010. Regents has been the beneficiary of multiple “retirements,” as the Bentleys gave their time, talent, heart, and soul to our school — but now with yet another retirement, they are freeing themselves up to do some things they really want (and deserve) to do. Like visiting their grandchildren, who are spread around the country and eager to see their loving grandparents.

Everyone who knows the Bentleys esteems them highly for their devotion to the Lord, their work in our community, their commitment to education, and their love for so many families in our town. Countless students, soldiers, teachers, Boy Scouts, and friends have been impacted by Farrar and MaryAnn Bentley, and I know that the Bentleys will continue to be steadfast advocates of classical Christian education and of Regents Academy in Nacogdoches and beyond.

Thank you, Bentleys, for all you have done for us! We love you and wish you well.

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