March 28, 2013

Regents Daily News:
March 28, 2013

Yuck or Yay?

If you are like most people, you have mixed feelings about fundraising. Asking for money may make you say “Yuck!” But receiving gifts will make you say “Yay!”

So when it comes to fundraising which is it: yuck or yay?

The BIG Serve is a fundraising effort, but I say that the yay far outweighs the yuck. The BIG Serve has huge benefits, both for you and for the school:

  • Funds raised through the BIG Serve go toward paying down the debt on our beautiful school building. The more funds we raise, the lower we are able to keep tuition as we pay for necessary expenses like our mortgage maintenance. Don’t you want lower tuition?
  • When you participate in the BIG Serve, you are contributing toward our most successful fundraiser, which has generated nearly $100,000 dollars over the last three years. We thank the Lord for providing so faithfully for us as we simply say “please.”
  • The BIG Serve includes hundreds of donors from across the country, giving many, many people the opportunity to join in with our school and promote our mission when they could or would not otherwise do so. We are widening the scope of our ministry to include hundreds of people who live far beyond the borders of Nacogdoches. Hundreds more friends and family members are joining in to further our mission to train servant leaders.
  • The BIG Serve does promote our school here in our home county also. The BIG Serve puts our very best foot forward – an awareness that we are a Christian ministry interested in producing servant leaders who will make a real difference in our world for truth, goodness, and beauty.
  • Through the BIG Serve we are giving family, friends, and neighbors the chance to give, and the Lord Jesus taught us, “It is better to give than to receive.” “Blessed in Giving” is more than a tag line.
  • Behind the BIG Serve is a wonderful service project. When we ask for donations and sponsorships, we are really asking friends and family to support our efforts at serving our community. That is something far greater than selling wrapping paper or candy bars. There is nothing wrong with selling things, but isn’t it wonderful to raise needed funds while doing something that helps fulfill our mission and glorifies God?

You can help the BIG Serve to be a great success and be a blessing to our school by joining in with this effort. It’s not too late. Here’s what you can do:

  • Please prepare as many support letters as you can and bring them to the school office. Get your children involved with writing them. They will love it.
  • Make a $500 donation and turn your company or business into a BIG Serve corporate sponsor. Do you know a business in the community who might be interested? If so, please speak with Mrs. Christie Rasberry.
  • Make a personal donation to the BIG Serve. Regents families are more than welcome to support our effort also.
  • Pitch in on the day of the BIG Serve. Yes, YOU can come serve alongside teachers and students. It really is a wonderful day of work and fellowship.

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