November 18, 2010

Regents Daily News:
November 18, 2010

6th Grade Pushes West in Covered Wagons

We enjoy studying history in 6th grade; in fact, we love history so much that I often must remind my class that we should honor each person’s insight and comments for we all want to jump in regularly with our own knowledge or wonderment!

Our Veritas cards take us through the early 1800’s right up through Modern America!  That’s an abundance of material to cover and it’s my job to make each lesson as meaningful as possible so that my children will retain an appreciation of their roots in our Great Land.  We study settlers on more than one occasion but this week’s card was “Westward Expansion,” and the students’ assignment was to create a covered wagon.  We worked on our wagons during class for a few days and some of my students took their covered wagon home to put the finishing touches on!  Through blistered fingers from the glue gun, pricked palms from the needle that stitched the covered canvas and smocks that blocked straying paint strokes, my students produced some very artistic and sturdy wagons!

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