Music is a necessary component of any classical curriculum. For ancient and medieval educators, no education was complete without extensive study of music, which, as part of the Quadrivium, was classified as one of the Seven Liberal Arts. Students at Regents Academy learn and perform music under the tutelage of gifted and experienced music teachers. Regents 5th-6th graders prepare and perform a number of delightful and challenging choral pieces each spring. Regents 7th-12th graders have the opportunity to audition to join the Regents Chamber Choir, which performs classical, pop, and sacred selections each Christmas at the school’s Evening of Music and Recitation. High school ladies also may audition to join the Sacred Ensemble, a performance choir that meets and competes throughout the year. Students who sing in Regents choirs are challenged to learn music, develop their God-given talents, and delight themselves in God’s gift of music.