September 15, 2017

Regents Daily News:
September 15, 2017

Time for ButterBraid!

It’s time to sell ButterBraid!

This year we’re happy to announce that we have a specific target for our fundraising: a new monument sign for the school! It’s going to take approximately $10,000 (possibly more) to purchase our new sign, so SELL, SELL, SELL!! Our school keeps 40% of each Butter Braid pastry we sell. Yes, they seem expensive, but they’re delicious, unique, easy-to-prepare for a home-baked treat, and they help our school fund specific projects like a new school sign. (And you can’t get them anywhere else!)

This year we have TWO new products: a savory 4-cheese & herb ButterBraid that’s truly delicious. It can be served with marinara sauce and even comes with a small container of sauce. Also new this year are Apple Dumplings (4/package): fresh whole apples wrapped in flaky pastry for you to bake in your oven and serve hot – with your favorite ice cream. Yum! What a wonderful fall treat!

This past Wednesday, our six seniors enjoyed passing out samples to friendly parents and grandparents to kick off our two-week campaign. Remember: we only have 14 days to sell all we can, and don’t forget there are prizes for the TOP TWO persons who sell the most pastries (# of items). If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Nicole Alders ([email protected]). She’ll be happy to help!

Order forms (and money) are due back in the office by September 29th. Let’s do our best to meet our goal of at least $5,000 this year!


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