October 15, 2010

Regents Daily News:
October 15, 2010

Plant a Seed at the Auction

Teachers and parents have this in common: they both need loads of patience. Robert Louis Stevenson advised, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” We may see the harvest or we may not, but every day we plant seeds in the lives of children and trust God that the harvest will come.

The same is true for schools. They require diligent planting, watering, and cultivating, and the harvest comes as the organization and the community grow and mature. There are many people who plant the seeds – teachers, administrators, parents, supporters in the community, alumni. And the seeds that are planted are time, talents, and treasure; we all have our contribution to make as we work toward the harvest.

The silent auction in the fall and the BIG Serve in the spring are two key seasons of seed-planting for the Regents community.

I want to encourage you all to take part in the silent auction coming up next weekend. This year the auction has been planned in conjunction with a fall festival and a dinner. The auction committee has done a stellar job planning an event that will be a great time of family fellowship and fun and also a successful fundraiser for the school. Dozens of businesses and individuals in Nacogdoches have contributed items and services for the auction.

There are tons of fun activities for children – bouncy castles, an obstacle course, pony rides, face painting, and more. Regents parents can buy armbands for $5 each that give children unlimited activities. (But buy your armbands at the school office early – they will be $10 if you wait to get them on October 23.) While the children play and munch on popcorn, parents can have a different kind of fun bidding on stuff.

There are many wonderful items up for silent auction and raffle. Please bring your checkbook and plan to bid until you win. You will get something you enjoy, and the school will get the benefit of your donation. With your generosity Regents can raise $15,000 through the fall festival, raffles, and auction, and every penny goes toward paying off our new playground equipment. It hasn’t taken long for the playground equipment to become something that we could never live without! We love it, and the children’s giggles and whoops as they run and play on it are a delight.

In short, please know that every dollar you spend at the fall festival, dinner, and auction supports the ministry of Regents Academy to your family, to dozens of other families now at Regents, and to hundreds of families yet to come as the promise of classical Christian education yields a bountiful harvest.

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