October 11, 2016

Regents Daily News:
October 11, 2016

No Matter the Price

Many people think you are foolish for sending your children to a private school. A recent article in Slate highlighted just how foolish (and rotten) one author thinks you really are (see “If You Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad Person: A Manifesto” by Allison Benedikt).

But I want to say that you are making the right choice – the courageous choice – and that you are doing the most good not only for your children but for our nation by doing so. You sacrifice to send your children to Regents. You take a shorter vacation than you could otherwise. You put off purchases that you might not otherwise. You are committed to spending time daily helping with your child’s academics. But by your sacrifice for and commitment to your child’s private school education, you are investing in something that has eternal consequences and that, not incidentally, is your single greatest duty before God – the raising of your children for Him. Cost is measured in different ways. The cost of private education might be high, but the cost of not giving your children a Christ-centered education is not one you want to bear. Stay the course, friends. You are doing the right thing, no matter the price.

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