October 3, 2011

Regents Daily News:
October 3, 2011

Good Things

Many wonderful things are happening at Regents Academy. As you spend time on the Regents campus, you can look around and see how God is blessing our school every day. I wanted to take a moment and highlight a few things that I think are really exciting.

  • Our school’s Parent Enrichment Organization, has been hard at work to mobilize volunteers, plan school events, and prepare for fundraising. The PEO is led by Michael Stanaland, Brian Tyre, and Annie Dean, and they are doing a great job of connecting parents with one another and with the mission of our school. I encourage every parent to seek out opportunities to get involved with the PEO and support your school.
  • Each of our school’s seniors is mentoring a Regents Grammar School student. They are studying together, tutoring, and reading aloud, and their leadership is making a difference. It is inspiring to see young adults with busy lives of their own and a lot of academic responsibility who are giving of themselves to younger students. We will be finding many other opportunities for our older students to come alongside our younger students and mentor them in the days ahead.
  • While I’m proud of all our seniors, I am particularly proud of one of our seniors, Mitchell Henry, for his academic achievement. Mitchell has been recognized as a Commended Student in the 2012 National Merit Scholarship Program. This means that his score on the PSAT ranked in the top 34,000 of the 1.5 million students who competed in the program. This is the 5th year now that a Regents students has achieved this honor.
  • Improvements to our science program continue to proceed. Just this week, gas supply was connected to the science lab so that our Logic and Rhetoric School students can use fire in their science labs. The School Board approved major changes to our science curriculum, and we are working to beef up our science facilities and add many new labs so that students experience science hands-on. These improvements are exciting to see – but even more so is the excitement in the students’ eyes when they conduct new experiments in the science lab!
  • Finally, we are very excited to introduce our new choir director for the Regents secondary school Select Choir. Miss Andie Loer is a graduate student in choral music at SFA and a member of the SFA Acapella Choir. With Mrs. Carolyn Andrews’ leave of absence, Miss Loer has stepped in to provide much-needed leadership. You will have the chance to meet Miss Loer as the semester proceeds. She is already at work with the choir to prepare for the Christmas program.

There is so much more that I could report to you. It is such a pleasure to see our students’ smiling faces each day and work alongside such a dedicated and delightful faculty. We have much to be thankful for at our school.

“Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever” (Ps 107:1).

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