November 26, 2014

Regents Daily News:
November 26, 2014

Giving Thanks for Finding Happiness

Happiness Found

by Augustus Toplady (1837)

Happiness! thou lovely name,
Where’s thy seat? O tell me where!
Learning, pleasure, wealth and fame,
All cry out, “It is not here.”
Not the wisdom of the wise,
Can inform me where it lies,
Nor the grandeur of the great
Can the bliss I seek create.

Object of my first desire,
Jesus Crucified for me!
All to happiness aspire,
Only to be found in Thee;
Thee to praise, and Thee to know,
Constitute my bliss below;
Thee to see, and Thee to love,
Constitute our bliss above.

Lord, it is not life to live,
If Thy presence Thou deny;
Lord! If Thou Thy presence give,
‘Tis no longer death to die.
Source and Giver of repose,
Singly from Thy smile it flows;
Peace and happiness are Thine,
Mine they are, if Thou art mine.

Whilst I feel Thy love to me,
Every object teems with joy;
Here, O may I walk with Thee,
Then into Thy presence die!
Let me but Thyself posses,
Total sum of happiness!
Real bliss I then shall prove,
Heaven below, and heaven above.

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