August 25, 2011

Regents Daily News:
August 25, 2011

What Do Students Do in the Logic Stage?

What do students do in the Logic Stage? They do algebra and study literature and learn science, but through all these subjects they are really developing what we call dialectic skills. Some of these skills include:

•    Increase biblical literacy and apply biblical principles.
•    Engage in personal reflection and introspection.
•    Identify and read classical texts so one may participate in the Great Conversation.
•    Compare and contrast ideas to find connections between ideas and events.
•    Evaluate the credibility and validity of arguments.
•    Identify logical fallacies.
•    Identify the logic of a subject, the structure of thought, and the facets of understanding.
•    Synthesize a multiplicity of ideas to form general concepts and understanding.
•    Evaluate what is true, beautiful, and good according to the Scriptures.
•    Develop and employ inductive and deductive arguments.
•    Annotate texts to extract meaning and gain understanding.
•    Analyze assumptions of an author in primary and secondary texts.
•    Employ basic worldview categories to analyze ideas.
•    Engage skillfully in debate and defend ideas.
•    Ask meaningful and engaging questions.

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