April 15, 2010

Regents Daily News:
April 15, 2010

Private Soccer

We are a soccer family.  My boys have been playing soccer with our city league for several seasons.  They have experienced several new team jerseys, first game-day of the season, awesome teammates, new coaches, numerous tournaments, new soccer cleats, bigger soccer balls and the list goes on.  Here at our school, you may join Regents Academy soccer team beginning in sixth grade.  This would include my oldest son.  The normal soccer season for schools is over, if you didn’t know, but we have some teams in the surrounding area that would like to get some Spring Soccer going.

Our coach just announced yesterday that we, Regents Academy, would be participating in a game this Monday and a small tournament at the beginning of May.  The first thing I heard out of my eldest’s mouth this morning, as his hair shot up in several different directions, “I can’t wait till Monday!”  Hearing words spoken with that much passion before 6 a.m. made my heart melt.  What others don’t understand about having your children in a Christian school is the sense of community and covenant that we share in this little school up on the hill.

Although our soccer team has come a long way, we are nothing compared to my son’s city league team.  His team from the city could whip our school kids even if we strapped all the city players together and blindfolded them!  The competition isn’t what it’s about!  (And my son is super competitive!)  The love, kindness, oneness in Christ and the encouragement is what my son thrives on while he plays soccer with his school.  My boys count down the days when Regents Academy soccer will start again, even the two that aren’t old enough to play with our school.  These are the rewards that far out pay the stresses of being here day in and day out.  My son’s words that anticipate his next game with the friends that really matter help me to shake the drowsiness that I am feeling at 5:45 a.m.  His words make what we are doing worth doing!   I love soccer!  I love to teach!

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