Walking Down the Hallway

School’s out for the day.  I’ve taken a deep breath and am looking for a change of clothes.  As I walk down the hallway of our “not perfect but forgiven” school, I hear notes floating in the air sent from one of our three pianos.  The pianist is in grammar school but practices enough that the song is most pleasurable.  I peek into the open rooms.  One room holds a mother-teacher reviewing a math lesson with her daughter.  A young boy clad in khakis and plaid tie walks down the hallway with a backpack being carried home.  Someone has some extra studying tonight!  The last room I pass is our library.  Books line the wall and a table is placed in the center of the room.  Around the table sit several of our students.  There is a tenth grader looking good in his blazer and white button-up visiting with a fourth grade girl and sixth grade boy, who isn’t yet required to wear a blazer.  No one made him converse with these fellow students.  Two seventh grade girls have their noses stuck in a tome, and a second grader quietly wanders around trying to decide which book would best fit his reading appetite.  From this room I hear notes of love and harmony floating in the air, and that sounds better than any notes a piano could make!  Our school smells of Jesus.

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