Mrs. Beth Smith

Regents Academy is pleased to add Beth Smith to our staff for the 2021-2022 academic school year! Beth Smith is our new Post-High School Advisor. She has a BA in Psychology and is currently pursuing a MA in Classical and Christian Studies. Beth has been married to Aaron for thirty-three years, and in addition to their three grown children and two grandchildren, they have one son, Nate, who is in ninth grade at Regents. Beth served as a military spouse with various roles and responsibilities for over twenty-six years until Aaron retired from the US Air Force in 2016. After this, Beth, Aaron and Nate served as overseas missionaries with the Rafiki Foundation, where Beth was a Dean at the Rafiki Classical Teacher’s College in Uganda, East Africa. When their time at Rafiki was complete, Aaron returned to work for the US military at MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida, until the Smith family moved to Lufkin, Texas, this year to spend more time with their extended family.

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