House Stewards

Last week, the 22/23 house stewards (Katelyn Anderson, Susannah Vermilion, Bryce Terrell, and Emma Crescenzo), along with the house masters (Lauren Lawrence, Rick Hurst, Lina Burklin, and Jason Modar), took their annual steward training trip. This year they traveled to Rockport, Texas. The group planned for the upcoming year’s events, schedules, buddies, and service projects, and redefined various aspects such as house worship and the points system. As the school has grown, the house system has matured and expanded, including more grade levels, ways for all students to be involved and take ownership, and opportunities for parents at school-wide events. We’re really excited about our new house coordinator, Mrs. Mary Austin, and all her wonderful ideas for house moving forward! We are also looking forward to this year’s group of leaders and vision, feeling blessed to be working as a unified team to reshape our school’s culture to be rooted in truth, beauty, and goodness.

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