The Hogwarts’ (i.e., Regents’) House System

Harry Potter. Dumbledore. Gryffindor. Those are likely the first names or images that come to mind when you think of the Regents House system. It is a fair and simple way to contextualize the structure of the Regents House system, but not the heart of it. Instead of only celebrating the wins or mourning the losses of a Quidditch match, our primary goal for the House System is to give students opportunities to actively lead and shape the culture at Regents. Our hope is that through weekly service projects, friendly competitions, House worship, and through connecting the Grammar and Upper schools, a pervading love for one another and the Lord will deepen. 

Structure: So, who plays Dumbledore in this scenario? 

The simple answer is no one. While our wonderful administrative team creates the structure and organization of the school as a whole, the House system is meant to be a student-led organization, with the support and guidance of the House Coordinator, Mrs. Lawrence, and the main House teachers – Mrs. Burklin, Dr. Hurst, and Mr. Modar. 

Our House system has four houses based on the churches of old – Jerusalem, Rome, Oxford, and Kampala, with the latter serving as the church of today. Each of the Houses has a Steward and a Vice Steward to lead and be the voice of its members. Our thoughtful and creative Stewards this year are:

  • Anna Claire Powers and Kaitlyn McKenna serving Jerusalem
  • Susannah Vermillion and Gabe Shipp serving Rome
  • Mason Baker and Haylee Harman serving Oxford
  • Katelyn Anderson and Quint Middlebrook serving Kampala

In order to create diverse Houses, our Stewards help to place new 7th grade students each year based on the student’s House choice, grade level, gender, and personality. These newcomers are then welcomed the first Friday of school by their House members in a unique and meaningful way.

What We Do: Leave Your Broomstick at Home

One of the most fruitful components of the House system has been the connection between the Grammar School and Logic/Rhetoric School. With the pairing of Buddies, we are able to expand the boundaries of fellowship across all grade lines. Because of the natural admiration that younger students have for older ones, our Logic and Rhetoric students are able to be models to younger students about behaviors and attitudes that are acceptable. We accomplish this with monthly picnics, letter writing, games at Field Day, and during the day-to-day encounters on campus. 

While the Buddy system is a bright highlight, we have a lot more going on behind the scenes that set the rhythm of each week and year. 

  • Beginning of the Year Kick-Off – Building camaraderie takes time, and we do that by taking a day at the beginning of each year for various team-building activities. This year we had the opportunity to go to Escapology, an escape room, in Tyler.
  • Mid- and End-of-Year Competitions – Houses pair up to plan and organize a fun competition to wrap up the semester. Our competitions aim to involve all students in a variety of song, dance, skits, and building challenges.
  • Wednesday Worship – Students gather with their Houses every six weeks to worship God in song and discussion. 
  • Friday Service Projects – Each Friday, following a weekly rotation, time is allocated for in-school service projects and games. Our service projects entail everything from playing with Grammar School classes so that their teachers can have a moment to eat their lunch uninterrupted to cleaning classrooms and changing air filters. Our games range from the typical card games you play at home to goofy games the students make up, like flag football but with a stuffed animal instead of a football. 
  • Adopt a Non-Profit- This year, we are trying something new. Each House has adopted a non-profit organization to serve throughout the year, based upon the organization’s needs. 

House Points: Gryffindor Receives 50 Points!

In order to encourage camaraderie, compliance, and discipline, we have modeled our point system after the Oxford model (popularly expressed in Harry Potter), with the major exception being that it’s not arbitrary. Instead, the Stewards and staff give and deduct House points based on behavior-related actions, not academic ones. Our hope is that through positive peer pressure, students will strive to make personal choices that positively affect others.

At Christmas and the end of the year, the House that has earned the most points wins the House Cup, which is a handsome Greco-Roman bust of Apollo. The winners have the opportunity to add one extra item to the Cup, leaving their distinctive mark. Over the years, Apollo will gain character by morphing into a symbol that represents the personality and history of each of the Houses.

Continuing to Grow: Harry Grows Up, But We Continue On

As we enter our fourth year of the Regent’s House system, we are finally able to build off of the solid foundation previous Stewards have established. Now, we can focus more closely on establishing our leadership training for our Stewards, our daily connection with Grammar School, and our service to those both in the school and Nacogdoches community. We are thrilled to watch our students take ownership of their school and look forward to what it will become in the future.

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Open Enrollment

Beginning Monday, 01/25/2021

The Regents Academy open enrollment window begins on 1/25/2021. For information regarding the enrollment process, see our website Admissions section, or call the Regents Academy Office at (936)559-7343.

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Back to School on Friday!

Gratefully, we will be returning to school tomorrow. Please pray for the thousands on the coast who lost their homes last night and for those who are still displaced. 

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Class of 2020 Graduation Honors

Regents Academy is very glad to announce the academic honors for the Class of 2020. Of course, for most years these honors are announced at the graduation ceremony — which is still to come in this year of pandemic. We are so proud of the excellent character and outstanding accomplishments of the nine students in the Class of ’20. It has been such an honor to walk with them and their families through their journey toward graduation and beyond.

The Valedictorian of the Class of 2020 is Conner Young, who graduates with Summa Cum Laude honors. Conner is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Tim and Kelly Young. Along with his brothers Will and Wesley, Conner is the third child in the Young family to graduate from Regents Academy.

The Salutatorian of the Class of 2020 is Ethan Fairley, who graduates with Summa Cum Laude honors. Ethan is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kerr and Ellen Fairley. Along with his brother Knox, Ethan is the first in his family to graduate from Regents Academy.

Other students who achieved graduation honors include the following:

Abigail Powers, Magna Cum Laude

James Vermillion, Magna Cum Laude

Sydney Bryant, Cum Laude

Knox Fairley, Cum Laude

Congratulations, students! Only the Lord knows the commitment and diligence that has brought you these honors. May the Lord God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you.

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2019-20 Athletic Awards

A message from Regents Academy Athletic Director Emma Terrell:

Congratulations on finishing this weird and difficult school year! I am disappointed that we won’t be able to have our first ever Athletic Banquet this year, but we still wanted to recognize our sports teams, coaches, and athletes. We decided to create our own virtual awards ceremony, so we compiled a video of all of our coaches giving their awards from home just like they would have at the banquet. Below you will find a list of those athletes who received an award.

Junior High Soccer
Outstanding Goalkeeper – Jonah Shipp
Most Valuable Player – Bryce Terrell
Most Improved Player – Gracie Lyn Harman

High School Girls Basketball
All-District Honors
First Team – Trinity Tyre
Second Team – Anna Claire Powers, Leah Vermillion

All-State Honors
Second Team – Trinity Tyre

High School Soccer
All-District Honors
First Team –
James Vermillion – Offense
Ethan Fairley – Offense
Owen Fairley – Midfield
Clayton Terrell – Midfield
Knox Fairley – Defense (District MVP)
Conner Young – Defense

Second Team –
Seth Landrum – Midfield
Zane Anderson – Defense
Will Furniss – Keeper

Honorable Mention –
Leah Vermillion – Offense
Elijah Alexander – Midfield
Kelso McEntire – Defense

All-State Honors
First Team –
Owen Fairley – Midfield
Knox Fairley – Defense

Second Team –
James Vermillion – Offense
Honorable Mention –
Ethan Fairley – Offense
Junior High Girls Basketball
Offensive MVP – Ella Furniss
Defensive MVP – Rachel Cunyus

High School Boys Basketball
All-District Honors
First Team –
Will Furniss
Ethan Fairley
Owen Fairley
Clayton Terrell

Second Team –
James Vermillion
Knox Fairley
Zane Anderson

Most Valuable Player – Ethan Fairley
Most Improved Player – Owen Fairley
Sportsman of the Year – Clayton Terrell

Cross Country
New Runner of the Year – Emma DeKerlegand
Top Time – Sydney Cunyus

Academic All-State Honors
First or Second Team All-District and a cumulative GPA of 90 or higher (for juniors and seniors)

Ethan Fairley
Knox Fairley
James Vermillion
Leah Vermillion

James Vermillion
Ethan Fairley
Knox Fairley
Conner Young

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End of Year Materials Drop Off and Pick Up

Students and parents are allowed to come on campus to bring in school books/materials and pick up student supplies on May 19-20. Teachers will be at the school to help organize classrooms. However, the governor’s guidelines allow no more than 5 persons at a time within a confined interior space. We must maintain social distancing on campus. Therefore, we are staggering the days and times for students to come on campus, and, once 5 people are in a room, you will need to wait until someone leaves before we let someone else in. Here are the specifics.

Tuesday, May 19 — Grammar School Drop Off/Pick Up — KPrep-6th

9:00 a.m. – noon: Families whose last name begins with A-H

1:00 – 4:00 p.m.: Families whose last name begins with I-Z

Wednesday, May 20 — Logic/Rhetoric School Drop Off/Pick Up — 7th-12th

9:00 a.m. – noon: Families whose last name begins with A-H

1:00 – 4:00 p.m.: Families whose last name begins with I-Z

Please enter through the front doors and exit through the rear doors. This flow will minimize traffic through the school office/foyer and help maintain social distancing.

Parents may visit the office if needed, but the school office/foyer will be considered an enclosed space, and the 5-person maximum will apply.

If you have a child in both Grammar School and L/R School, please plan to come on campus both days.

A few more details:

  • Social distancing guidelines apply at all times: at least 6 feet separation among individual visitors not within the same household, including when entering and leaving a school facility.
  • Students need to return all books and materials that belong to the school, including Chromebooks and power cords. You are strongly encouraged to organize these supplies at home so that you can deliver them all in one trip. Your family will be billed for any books or materials not turned in.
  • Teachers will help organize students’ supplies so that they are ready to be picked up.
  • Logic/Rhetoric students need to completely clean out their lockers.
  • Students should bring a large bag or box to transport their supplies.
  • We encourage students to come to the classroom alone or with a maximum of 1 parent in order to facilitate the 5-person per room maximum.
  • The school building will be sanitized before students arrive, and teachers will continue to sanitize surfaces throughout the day.
  • Face masks are strongly encouraged. Washing hands and using hand sanitizer is required.
  • Students or parents displaying any of the following new or worsening signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19 should not come on campus: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain or headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0, or known close contact with a person who is lab confirmed to have COVID-19.

Thank you for working with us on this staggered schedule and with these guidelines. Even though we won’t be able to be together as a whole school, it will still be good to see one another in this limited way. If you have questions, please email the school office at office@regentsacademy.com.

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Senior Slideshows — Celebrating the Class of 2020

Near the end of the school year, our students, teachers, and many parents gather for Senior Day and celebrate our seniors. It’s too bad that the 2020 senior class won’t be able to enjoy this joyful milestone. However, we can still celebrate with our seniors and help make this a special time for them and their families. At Senior Day each year we get to celebrate each senior’s life through their Senior Slideshow.

I’m happy to report that this year’s Senior Slideshows are now available for us to enjoy on YouTube.

(Here is the link to the Senior Slideshows in case the YouTube player above doesn’t work.)

So let me urge you to join in on the senior celebration by doing these things:

  • Go to YouTube and watch the videos! You will not be disappointed. 
  • The comments are turned on in YouTube, so please leave encouraging and uplifting comments that will bless our seniors.
  • Share the slideshows on social media — let’s spread the celebration far and wide.

We want to give a huge shout-out to Pastor Randy Booth who created and uploaded the slideshows — thank you, Pastor Booth!

Once again, here is the link to the Senior Slideshows. Please enjoy them and give thanks to God for our awesome seniors of 2020.

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