15,000 … Yes, 15,000

The Nacogdoches Fire Department sponsored a county-wide reading program for 5th graders during March and April, and Miss Hoffmann’s class enthusiastically participated.

The second place winner, who read more than 7,000 pages, was Sydney Bryant. Sydney received a gift bag and congratulation from Captain Michael Self.

(Drum roll, please…) The first place winner, who read more than 8,000 pages, was Ethan Fairley. Ethan also received a gift bag, but he also was given a ride to school on a fire truck while eating breakfast, courtesy of the Nacogdoches Fire Department.

Great job, students! More than 15,000 pages in March and April alone — and that was just two students!

Pictured below is Captain Self and also several of our brave firemen. Also pictured is Miss Hoffmann and Ethan ‘s dad, Kerr Fairley.

Thank you, Nacogodoches Fire Department!

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