Regents NOW


*Saturday, February 16 – HS Boys Basketball Playoff Game, First Baptist Church, 2:00 p.m.

*Monday, February 18 – Presidents’ Day (No Classes)

*Tuesday, February 19 – 10th Grade Field trip to Austin

*Tuesday, February 19 – Pizza Lunch for those who purchased

*Tuesday, February 19 – JH and HS Track practice, SFA track, 6:00-7:00 p.m.

*Wednesday, February 20 – 10th Grade Field trip to Austin

*Thursday, February 21 – Men’s Sacred Ensemble Rehearsal, 7:10 a.m.

*Thursday, February 21 – JH and HS Track practice, SFA track, 6:00-7:00 p.m.

*Friday, February 22 – SFA Stem Day for 11th & 12th Grade Students

*Friday, February 22 – Chicken Express for those who purchased

*Friday, February 22 – Orchestra, 2:45-3:45 p.m.

*Friday, February 22 – School Spruce Up, 4:00 p.m.

*Saturday, February, 23 – Robotics, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Announcements & Reminders

*Save the Date

*Wednesday, February 27 – Staff Work Day (Noon Release)

*Monday, March 18-Friday, March 22 – Spring Break

*Friday, April 5 – BIG Serve

*Wednesday, April 17 – Class Pictures

*Thursday, April 18 – Noon Release for Easter Break

*Friday, April 19 – Good Friday (No Classes)

*Monday, April 22 – Easter Monday (No Classes)

*Monday, April 29 – Spring Music Program

*Friday, May 10 – Secondary Play

*Friday, May 17 – Field Day, Noon Release

*Tuesday, May 28 – Academic Awards Ceremony, GCPC, 6:30 p.m.

*Friday, May 31 – Graduation, GCPC, 7:00 p.m.

*February Scripture Memory Passage: Psalm 121

*BIG Serve Update

Thank you to all our families who came to the BIG Serve Kickoff and heard about the 2019 BIG Serve.  Thanks especially to Julia Randle and Jennifer Liebrum for organizing our sweet evening.  Please take the time to prepare your support letters this week. If we all send out letters and invite friends on Facebook to support our school, we can meet our school goal of $85,000. Please return your stamped BIG Serve letters to the school office by Friday, March 8th.  Please call, email, or drop by the school office if you have any BIG Serve questions.


FundEasy is an exciting tool we are using again for the BIG Serve!  FundEasy is a website where your family and friends can make online payments to sponsor you in the BIG Serve.  Every family in the school has been registered for FundEasy.   You should have received a confirmation email when your FundEasy page was set up.  If you have a Gmail account, sometimes your confirmation email goes under the promotions tab.  You can view the FundEasy page by visiting Directions to customize your personal FundEasy page are in your BIG Serve packets.  If you are having trouble with your FundEasy page, Mrs. DeKerlegand will try to help.  You may email her at or text her at 936-645-0812 with any questions.   We encourage you to personalize your FundEasy page with a picture of your family or students and 

share your personal FundEasy Page on Facebook.  We have already started to receive online donations through FundEasy!

*School Spruce Up

Our school is getting ready to host an ACCS accreditation committee on campus, February 25-26. This is a big moment for our school. We want to put our best foot forward as we prepare for the visit. Would you consider coming out to help with some clean-up and maintenance tasks? We will gather for a School Spruce Up on Friday, February 22, at 4:00 p.m. We need parents, teachers, and students to clean, paint, power wash, plant, spread mulch, etc. If you are available to stay after school and start working right away, that will be a great help also. 

*March Lunches 

It is almost time to pay for March lunches.   March Pizza lunches only are $23.00 per student.  March Friday lunches only are $17.25 per student.  February Tuesday and Friday lunches are $40.25 per student.  Lunch payments are due by Wednesday, February 20th.

From the Headmaster

Who is a good fit to be a Regents family? 

Without a doubt, there are many ways to answer that question, but certainly one good answer is this: a Regents family is a family who has a distinctively biblical and Christian vision for their children. These families want something more than just a safe environment with Christian teachers and a good college prep curriculum that produces high test scores and college entrances. Rather, a Regents family merely begins with these things. They parent with eternity in view. They see the long term and know that in the blink of an eye, their children will be young adults about to go out into the world. They envision their children bearing the fruit of a long, worthy journey through a classical Christian education that influences their souls and minds for Christ, shapes their worldview, molds virtue, and inspires a lifelong love for learning. 

In short, what is your vision for your children? The school publishes its vision for its graduates. Take a moment and consider this vision as worthy aims for you as parents. When we partner together, humbly and prayerfully, committed to Christ and His church, God can work mightily in the lives of our children over the years they are under our mutual care.

We envision that a graduate of the academic program at Regents Academy will embody the following traits:

  • Virtue and mature character: This includes heart-obedience rather than mere rule-following, good manners, honorable relationships, self-control, and Christian leadership. If nothing else, students should live in accordance with Coram Deo—living as though they were in the presence of God at all times.
  • Sound reason and sound faith: We expect students to realize a unified Christian worldview with Scripture as the measure of all Truth. We expect them to exhibit the wisdom to recognize complex issues and to follow the consequences of ideas.         
  • Service to others: We expect our graduates to “love their neighbor” by serving others in their community.  Graduates need to develop an awareness of the many types of needs that others around them have and learn to be like Christ in their willingness to minister to others.     
  • A masterful command of language: Because language enables us to know things that are not directly experienced, nothing is more important within Christian education. Without a strong command of language, even Scripture is rendered mute. As people of “the Word,” Christians should be masters of language. Students master vocabulary, grammar, usage, and translation through our study of Latin, English, and Spanish.  
  • Well-rounded competence: Educated people are not specialists who know little outside of their field of specialty. Educated people have competence in a variety of areas including fine arts, drama, music, physical activity, history, logic, science, and arithmetic. Throughout our program, skills essential for an educated person are introduced and developed.        
  • Literacy with broad exposure to books: Educated people are well-read and able to discuss and relate to central works of literature, science, art, architecture, and music. 
  • An established aesthetic: Further, educated people have good taste, formed as they are exposed to great aesthetic masterpieces, particularly at a young age.